Periodontal treatment

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, occurs due a build-up of bacterial plaque on your teeth and spreading of bacteria deep into the gums, which may lead to tooth loss due to the surrounding tissues being destructed. It can also be the cause of bad breath and bleeding of the gums.


What causes gum disease?

Gum disease can be cause by a wide range of different factors, including:

  • Build-up of plaque and bacteria.
  • Poor oral hygiene regime.
  • Family history of gum disease.
  • Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy increases the likelihood of the expectant mother to develop periodontal disease.


How do we treat gum disease?

Depending on the stages of gum disease, treatment options may vary. The aim of treatment is to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and root surface, and to prevent the progression of gum disease. At Sav Dental Berwick, the treatments may range from nonsurgical methods like scaling and cleaning using an ultrasonic instrument and sometimes hand instruments, to minor surgery in order to restore the health of supportive tissues.

It is very important to implement meticulous home care oral hygiene maintenance to keep the gums in a stable condition after treatment.


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